On Demand Printing

Save time and cost by printing only when you need to, editing and ordering when required via our client portal

On Demand Printing

Does your business use a fair amount of publications, catalogues, manuals, directories or other multi-page documents throughout the year?

Has storage space and handling become an issue?

Are you looking to increase you’re annual inventory turnover?

Have you had to discard perfectly good printing because the material became obsolete?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to explore the advantages of our On Demand Printing services..


Print On Demand is a print solution available at B&H Digital in which we can produce books or other documents for a customer on an “as needed” basis.  Print On Demand is currently a very popular solution because our economic climate has more Print Buyers looking to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Print On Demand is most often associated with the production of books and other multi-page documents, but it can also be used for pretty much any other print media.

The key to Print On Demand is that the production runs are relatively short.  For example, a customer might only order 50 copies of a product manual a month for distribution over a 6 month period, instead of printing and storing 600 copies.

Print on Demand is made possible by digital printing equipment. Traditional offset printing presses involve more set-up time, which generally translates to a higher unit cost when the production run is short.  However, it is worth bearing in mind that traditional offset presses are still the more economical choice for longer production runs; when required print solution that is also available at B&H Digital.

Besides lowering the unit cost of short run printing, Print On Demand allows the customer to keep fewer copies of its books, catalogues, manuals or other printed items in stock, thus reducing storage space and handling costs.

And because the customer’s inventory levels can be kept low, Print On Demand helps reduce the chance of being stuck with printing that has become obsolete.

With Print On Demand, you only order items as you need them.

We provide FREE AUDITS on all your printing requirements with no obligation. So why not take advantage of our expertise?

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“We use B&H Digital Print solutions for their excellence in quality, cost and delivery.

With quick responses and great customer service B&H have been a delight to work with.

Thank you B&H team for your continued hard-work and good spirits.”

Long N: Product Designer, London

“We don’t view them as a supplier, we see them as a support function of our own business.”

Debra S: CEO, Cambridgeshire

Guides & FAQ's

'At B&H Digital, we are all about teamwork and helping our clients thrive; whether we are printing high or low volumes, large format, brochures, mugs, t-shirts or business cards.

Print Guides

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Jargon Buster

Binding, backing, bleed  comb, DPI... the print industry is full of jargon.

Download our Jargon buster PDF and see the wood for the trees!

Artwork Guide

All you need to know about preparing artwork for Print.
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Can I print low quantities?

Yes. We can print as few as ONE COPY.

Using our Digital Print on Demand solution, you can print what you need, when you need it; reducing storage needs, eradicating waste, and saving you money.

Can I edit my artwork?

Yes. Our online client portal offers you complete control of your artwork submission, enabling you to submit updates and revisions whenver required; providing you with 100% version control.

How quickly can you produce my order?

Very quickly indeed. Our market leading digital production and finishing technology enables us to react to the most urgent orders…often producing them on the same day.

Is there a guide for preparing print ready files?

Yes. Please look at our helpful guide to ensure there are no delays in processing your order.

However, below is a quick checklist to run through before files are submitted –

- Checked the paper size is right?
- Set your colours to CMYK?
- Made sure your images are 300dpi?
- Added a 3mm bleed and crop marks?
- Embedded your fonts?
- Saved your artwork as a PDF?
- Proofread your document?

Are you reasonably priced?

We think so. We can provide competitive estimates on an order by order basis, or contract pricing for multiple repeat orders.

Combining Digital Print on Demand, with our Document Storage and Fulfillment solution; we are confident we can provide cost reductions..

Can you edit my artwork?

Yes.  Our in-house design team is hugely experienced in providing tailored design solutions; ranging from basic amends to current artwork, or the provision of conceptual design working to a specific client brief.

Why choose B&H?

Every print company will tell you that they’re unique, but at B&H we genuinely believe we have something special to offer our clients.

Our Senior Sales and Operations team have in excess of 50 years combined commercial experience, gained across diverse sectors of the Print Industry.

These include Commercial/Volume Production and Fulfilment, Marketing Print, Fitness and Training, Creative and Promotional Solutions using Specialist Finishes/Materials.

This unique and comprehensive blend of experience and knowledge, means we are well placed to deliver a full range of innovative/cost effective solutions to our clients requirements.

Supporting this, we also believe passionately that successful business is all about people, a philosophy we apply to both our talented In House Team and our Clients, ensuring that everyone is an integral part of the solution process.

But don’t take our word for it, please take a moment to read a selection of our client testimonials.



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