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‘B&H Digital have completely changed our way of working for the better…’


“B&H Digital has been an integral part of our business for over 9 years, providing us with print fulfilment, design services, warehouse storage and a wide range of other support services.

We don’t view them as a supplier, we see them as a support function of our own business.

Simon, Andy and the team provide us with a consistently high level of personal support which is flexible, cost effective and totally meets the needs of our business.

We would go a long way to find a partner who can understand our business so well and provide us with such excellent service.”

Debra S : CEO, Cambridgeshire

“I was initially concerned with the offer to assist my company with a free audit of several business essential services would be TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

However, as printing costs have escalated recently there was nothing to lose by talking to a new potential supplier of this service.

A couple of friendly phone calls later resulted in a personal visit to the office by Simon Mitchell from B&H Digital. It was immediately obvious that Simon was a real ‘people person’ and had a very positive attitude and a great understanding of the fitness industry and the difficulties in the present economic climate.

It was a very productive meeting followed up with emails and quotes for printing that showed real savings. The design ideas were huge improvements in style also. All orders have been delivered on time and Simon is always available to discuss any adjustments or improvements. I would say that Simon and his company offer a caring personal service, and for my business this has been a real positive move forwards for the business.”

Stephanie T : Managing Director, Isle of Wight

“My company  has been working with B&H Digital for a number of years now and we have completely changed our way of working for the better. Having previously printed and sent all our own materials to customers we have never looked back since outsourcing this to B&H Digital.

They have transformed and modernised our processes from the design to the final outcome streamlining our progression and providing us with the professionalism we were striving for.”

Amy R: Marketing Manager, London

“The charity has used B&H Digital for all its design and print needs since the it was set up in 2012. The staff are invariably creative and helpful and we have found the service quick, accurate and responsive, all with competitive prices.”

Simon R: CEO, Charity in Cambridge

“Working with B&H Digital for 5 years has been a surprisingly enjoyable and straightforward experience. In business, knowing where you are with orders and having someone at the other end that problem solves, is greatly appreciated. Simon and the team are pro-active, take feedback on the chin and deliver on their promises. I look forward to be a long and happy relationship with them.”

Richard S : Managing Director, Peterborough

“Simon and his team are a pleasure to work with and our working relationship spans over 12 years.  B & H Digital is a reliable and trusted partner, providing us with print fulfillment, web-shop services, warehouse storage and other support services.  We receive a high level of personal support from the team and they have a deep understanding of our awarding organisation business and its specific needs in servicing our own 500+ customers.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.”

Jenny R: Managing Director, Huntingdon

“Working with B&H Digital, I have found them to be very helpful, producing excellent quality printing for our delegates.  Always very responsive to urgent requests and go above and beyond to deliver the product.  All staff within the company take great pride in their work to meet customer needs.”

Gareth E: Course Materials Manager, Manchester


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